We have developed significant expertise in originating, handling, and distribution of wheat from global farmers through our local cooperatives. We are able to source preserved and differentiated wheat sources in other parts of the world including North America, South America, Europe and Asia to ensure a year-round supply to our customers.


We are dynamically sourcing barley in Caspian Sea and Black Sea growing regions through our local cooperatives.


We operate a global supply chain of yellow corn through sourcing, storing, transporting, and distributing to our customers worldwide originating from major producer countries in South America and the Black Sea region.


We operate a global supply chain of soybean, and its by-products including feed meals and cooking oil, from South America, Europe, and Black Sea region.


We do source and export raw sugar from Brazil and India.

Sunflower Oil

Our operation initiates from crushing factories in Russia and Ukraine and ultimately loaded in bulk tankers heading to our global end consumers.

Palm Oil

With a local partnership, we do supply palm oil from great supplier country of Malaysia to our destination market.